Tipmatic – The mechanical opening system for handle-free furniture doors.

Minimalism and understated elegance are the trends of our time. It follows

that furniture designers are increasingly focusing on movement systems without handles or grip recesses. Tipmatic offers optimum design options for enhancing the appearance and design of these items of furniture.


Tipmatic opens handle-free furniture doors elegantly and conveniently. Aailable as the Tipmatic Pin or as the high-quality Tipmatic Plus solution.


Tipmatic Plus consists of a combination of the hold-closed unit and the ejector element. It is not necessary to insert special hinges with a special opening spring. Fitting Tipmatic Plus to hinges is easy – retrofitting is also possible.


Tipmatic consists of two elements: the Tipmatic Pin and its magnetic counterpart, which is located in the door. The Tipmatic Pin is almost fully concealed.

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